Call for more Postpartum Family Planning Projects

RFPD has initiated and supported the successful implementation of the Global Grant Application to support a Postpartum Family Planning Project in Pakistan (2014 – 2016). The impact of the project on improving the access and quality of family planning services has been surpassing the expectations. The methodology used has been straightforward and at the same time very efficient. After successful completion of the project, The Rotary Foundation accepted the report without remarks. The first replication of the project in Pakistan is currently being prepared.  RFPD therefore encourages Rotary Clubs to replicate and implement the project in different regions. A Global Grant of 30.000 US$ can fit well for the project.

The objective of the project is to reduce maternal and child mortality through an improved access to professional family planning services. Women and mothers in the project sites receive more information on health services and the advantages of medically assisted deliveries in hospitals, leading to a reduction in home births. If a family has access to family planning services it will only have as many children as it can care, eventually reducing the number of mothers and babies dying during difficult labor. The overall goal is to sustainably strengthen the health care system.

Clubs who are interested to replicate this Global Grant Application will find support by RFPD. For more information please contact:

PDG Robert Zinser, CEO RFPD


Pakistan - Family Planning Training

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